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Why does it work?   
If we understand what pain is, then it becomes easier to understand what it takes to relieve pain. Pain in it's simplest form is swelling and inflammation on the nerve tissues. This pressure causes pain. Natural Pain Spray uses therapeutic grade essential oils that have been well documented for hundreds of years for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It's simple, reduce the inflammation... you reduce the pain.  Throw in a natural pain blocker and you have a easy-to-use, fast acting pain spray that is 100% natural and incredibly effective.


    Hand Crafted Proprietary Essential Oil Blend

  The "Original" Spray

 Imagine life with less Back Pain
 Imagine life with less Arthritis Pain
 Imagine life with less Chronic Pain
 Imagine doing this... Naturally!

Get Fast, Effective "100% Natural"  temporary  relief from:
Arthritis, Upper-Middle & Lower Back Pain, Muscle Sprain/Strain, Knee Pain, Wrist Pain, Joint Pain, Chronic Aches & Pains...and so much more!!! ... even stops pain associated with Bug Bites, Insect & Jelly Fish stings! SPRAY IT ON AND YOUR PAIN IS GONE! 

*****Very Important information - Our blends are incredibly potent & 100% pure. We NEVER  dilute or  "water down" the potency of our spray with fillers, additives or preservatives. Our pricing reflects the quality of our product as we stay true to the "All Natural" philosophy when crafting our pain spray. Our essential oils are therapeutic grade and are hand selected from around the world.... including France, Japan, Canada and USA. Our products are not for children under 2 and if you are under doctors care, on blood thinners or have a history of allergies, please consult a health professional before use. *****
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